Welcome to Hybrid Specialist Group

Hybrid Specialist Group has delivered maintenance solutions to a wide range of clients, including commercial properties, gated communities, hospitals and Universities.


The Hybrid Specialist Group helps to not only enhance our clients’ brands and preserve their assets, but also improve employee/tenant satisfaction and retention by creating healthier, safer and more environmentally responsible facilities.

Today, there are hundreds of Hybrid Specialist maintenance professionals across the South Africa who provide an extensive range of solutions, from HVAC, plumbing and electrical to painting and carpentry.

These general services and effective basic maintenance are the key contributors to our operational efficiency. When performed as part of a routine maintenance program, they help buildings maintain a fresh appearance while operating at peak productivity.

Hybrid Specialist Group operates under the principles of NCCA , IWH ,Waterproofing Association of SA ,SFA to deliver a more purposeful, customer-focused execution of our cleaning and maintenance services. These services are often integrated together for our customers to create environmentally conscious, comprehensive green solutions under the guidelines of the SA Green Building Council .

For many of the facilities we serve, the cleaning, maintenance and even landscaping services are provided as an integrated program. There is significant overlap in these services, and by coordinating the delivery, we can often reduce our client’s facility costs.

Hybrid Specialist Group will work with you to understand your specific needs and provide customized maintenance solutions for your facility, whether we are executing the janitorial services or not. We offer a diverse range of maintenance services, which includes, but is not limited to, the following:

Key Services Offered :

  • · Flooring · Bathroom restoration· Building interiors · Carpentry · Carpet repair · Ceiling repair · Central plant operations · Condominium custodial · Condominium maintenance · Doors & locks · Electrical
  • · Elevators · Fire & safety systems · General maintenance & repair · HVAC systems · Lighting systems · Locksmith · Painting & drywall · Plumbing · Revamping · Roofing · Signage Interior & exterior  Installation & maintenance · Stone surface care · Wallpapering · Water damage & restoration .
  • Steel Structure Signage Design and Installation

Power & Energy

With broad skills and flexible and responsive teams. highly trained and ready to hit the ground running with the very best tools and equipment.

Agriculture Farming

We’re proud to provide the many farmers with some additional help. Our technicians can assist you with accomplishing many different types of projects.

Construction & Building


Wooden Work




Oil & Gas


Our Core Services

General Maintenance

You only need one property maintenance services company as we have a team of professionals that are qualified to handle a wide variety of different maintenance contracts and tasks.


Commercial cleaning; Construction cleaning; High access services; Specialised floor care.

Hygiene Services

Sanitary bin systems; Soap dispensing services; Washroom treatment.

Steel Fabrication

We dont just design and Install Structure , we also work hand in hand with your engineers to make sure the structure is meet the highest safety & Quality Standards.

Waste Management

Conscious and sustainable management of your waste requirements.

Power & Energy

We design and implement off grid power solutions



How do i get our projects started?

Call the Customer Relations help desk 087 0979965 or email us at admin@hybrid-specialist.co.za we will definitely get back to you quickly .

How do I get my floors refinished, my carpets cleaned, or my windows washed? Is there a cost.?

Contact the Customer Relations help desk, 087 0949965, to have them assessed. If you would like to proceed, submit a work order requesting this service, and Building Services will provide an estimate. Your department will be charged accordingly. See the list of cleaning services for the most up-to-date information on services and rates.

Who pays for the work our building needs?

If the work involves a safety issue or a maintenance problem for a state-owned building, equipment or utility, Facilities Management covers the cost of repairs of basic building services, such as heating, air conditioning, gas, water, and electricity. If the job goes beyond basic building services, the department requesting the work pays.

Does Building Services clean every night, including vacuuming, emptying trash, dusting, etc.?

Yes, we do clean every night, but we perform different functions each evening. Refer to our List of UCSD Cleaning Services for a detailed daily schedule..

Latest News about our Industry

Assets Maintenance

Statutory inspections; Condition assessment; Maintenance planning; Asset maintenance; Preventative and statutory maintenance; Routine building maintenance; Urgent repairs and supply; Installation of water tanks and more.


Commercial cleaning; Carpet Cleaning , Construction cleaning; High access services; Specialised floor care; Window Cleaning; Graffiti Removal and more.


Minor project works and Repairs ;Paving Installations , Dry wall Installation, Plumbing Services , Commercial fit-outs; Minor and major refurbishments.

Projects Management

Procurement and advice; Construction management; Life cycle costing; Refurbishment and scoping services .

Specialist Management

Asbestos management; Lead-based paint removal; Mold investigation; Remedial action; Potable water monitoring; Cleaning and upgrading; Heritage works.

Waste Management

What if everything can be used again .Conscious and sustainable management of your waste requirements.